Little Duck Forge at the Fire and Iron Gallery

Little Duck Forge is proud to be included in the gallery space at Fire and Iron Gallery near Leatherhead.

Fire and Iron Gallery was founded in 1982 as part of Rowhurst Forge / Richard Quinnell Ltd (established 1932), in response to a global resurgence of interest in forged iron as a creative medium.

Fire and Iron Gallery is known across the world as the place to see and buy the very best metalwork by leading international artist blacksmiths. Little Duck Forge is proud to be included in the gallery space and in a very short time has had an amazing amount of interest in items placed there.

We have been busy delivering sculptures and squiggle frames around the country to beautiful galleries. Luckily these are in places we love to visit making every visit a mini holiday. The galleries only have a small number of items due to space so if you wish for something specific get in touch with us at the forge. All the galleries tend to specialise in hand made pieces and art created by UK artists so if you are in the area they are well worth a visit.

Currently the Galleries include:-

  • Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead
  • Salt Marsh Gallery, Lymington
  • Obsidian Art Gallery, Stoke Mandeville
  • Mill Bridge Gallery, Skipton
  • Lilford Gallery & Framers, Canterbury
  • Westgate Galleria, Margate
  • The Eclectic Art Gallery, Margate
  • Anthony Giles, The Margate Studio and Gallery, Margate
  • Saltbox Gallery, Helmsley

Further details of galleries